October 22, 2012

It’s really Ghastlie. . . .

I finished my first purse!  I’m so excited about it.  Last week I got everything but the handles done because I didn’t want to add fabric handles.   But after a quick trip to JoAnn’s,   I had some handles and now, my new purse is completely done.   I took it to the beauty shop this week and everyone loved it.

The back


The front


I’m so excited about how this purse turned out.   I will absolutely use another pattern by Lazy Girl Designs. It was so easy to follow this pattern.  I didn’t get confused at all and the best thing is that this purse looks amazing.

Sorry to be so over the top gushy but I’ve been so intimidated to try a purse that I’m just doubly excited at how it turned out!  Thanks for stopping by.


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5 Responses to “It’s really Ghastlie. . . .”
  1. Ginette says:

    What a great purse! Good job!

  2. Love that purse! The Ghastlie fabric is great. Congrats on your first purse, Dawnmarie and thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  3. I think you did a fantastic job, you should be proud (go ahead and gush!).

  4. Cool pattern…looks like something my 20 yr old would love!

  5. alidiza says:

    This is just Ghastly;-) I LOVE it!!! Thanks so much for linking up.

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