January 3, 2014

Plans for January

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I wrote a blog post.   It’s been a busy year.  We’ve added another baby to our family and with 2 under 2 life is hectic, full and rewarding all at once.

I’m so excited though to try the January Cure.    Yesterday’s assignment was to walk through the house and create a list of projects that needed to be done and then pick 3 to 5 from each room to work on this month.

So here’s my list:

Living Room:

  1. Change out photos (ie switch to  updated photos of my daughter and add some of my son)
  2. Sort/remove excess toys from the play area. – DONE
  3. Get baby toys from the attic and put out for my son.
  4. Take stuff to goodwill (I have a pile in the living room)
  5. Take down the Christmas Tree.


  1. Buy and install wood blinds over sink
  2. Organize the desk drawers and cabinets, remove clutter
  3. Organize pantry cupboards
  4. Clean off the table
  5. Better organize all the baby stuff
  6. Organize spices


  1. Put up the tree decal on the walls
  2. Remove all non baby items from the closet
  3. Add a second hanging rack to closet
  4. Organize the decorative shelves
  5. Organize the books (move tearable books to a safe but accessible location)

I looked ahead at the pdf schedule for the month and realized that there won’t be time to do every room in my house so I picked the most important tasks/rooms overall.  I’m also giving myself permission not to get everything done.   This is about making my home feel more like home and being happy with how things are not about setting unrealistic goals.  Who knows, if it goes well, maybe I’ll do something similiar in February with the rooms I didn’t do in January.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!


The 2nd assignment covers today and this weekend:  Buy Flowers,  restock any cleaners needed, and clean all the floors in the house.    I’ve got all the cleaners I need right now.  So later today, the kids and I will go pick out some flowers and this weekend we’ll tackle the floors.  Seems doable to me. :-)

One Response to “Plans for January”
  1. Vera says:

    Thanks for posting the first day’s task. I couldn’t figure it out from the email I received. I did understand the second day’s assignment. Now I’m a day behind but it won’t be too hard to catch up since we have the whole weekend to before we get the third assignment. It’s too cold outside anyway, so it’s a perfect time to spend some productive time inside! Good luck to us who are trying to complete the January challenge – we can get a lot accomplished even though we may not get everything done as suggested. :-)

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